Pobres Pandas

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  1. anja

    since he is talking kind of fast I didn’t really understand it; is he talking about the same problem like juan did? in our class the tarea was about the pandas didn’t want to reproduce themselves. in this clip I only understood plancha & avalancha…

    • Riley

      No he isn’t talking about the pandas failure to reproduce. In the first verse he talks about how they only eat bamboo, and the second verse doesn’t make much sense to me either. The lyrics are: Pobres pandas todo la vida, unico masticando bambu, lo que es yo, yo quiero el menú, lo que es yo, si, yo quiero el menú
      Tuve chaleco, ya tuve una plancha, avalancha, descanso estás vez, cero estrés, formula uno, cantando canciones, no se sepa ninguno. Say Yeah!


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